Sports Shaker Bottle Stainless Steel Whey Protein Powder Mixer Bottle Sports Nutrition Protein Shaker Fitness Water Bottle 500ml
Bullet Points:
1,Stainless steel vacuum insulation: 304 food-grade stainless steel is adopted, which is recognized in the industry. The steel material is matt in color, not easy to rust, healthy and safe. Vacuum insulation lasts for 12 hours.
2,Wide mouth design for easy cleaning: 80mm wide mouth design make it easy to clean the inner container; The rim of the cup mouth with a thickness of 1mm is round and delicate to prevent scratches during use.
3,Design of direct drinking port: Double cup lid design, with the top being the direct drinking port. Open the leak-proof sealing cap to directly drink water, which is super convenient and convenient for riding and exercising. The drinking hole is made of HDPE, which is safe and odorless.
4,Stainless steel plastic spraying appearance: The bottle body is made of stainless steel plastic spraying material, which is wear – resistant, fall-resistant and skid – resistant, so that the water bottle can be placed stably, not easy to fall down and not easy to knock against.
5,Non – slip silicone carrying band: Non-slip convenient carrying band is made of silicone material, soft and comfortable to touch
Name: Blender Bottle
Material: 304 stainless steel, silicone
Dimensions(about): W92*H210 mm/ 3.62 * 8.27 in
Capacity: 500ML
Color: black, red, stainless steel primary colors
Scope of application: fitness, yoga, mountaineering, camping and other outdoor sports
1. Heat preservation, cold preservation and heat insulation
2. Leak proof, safe and odorless

Vacuum Cup * 1