Color GPS Run Smart Watch Bracelet IP68 Heart Rate Monitor Cardiaco GPS Activity Tracker For IOS/Xiaomi/Honor PK Mi band 4 Not

Updated color GPS IP68 bracelet,seperate GPS Run/IP68 Swimming waterproof/Walk mode(gps won't work in walk

mode)Swim mode(gps won't work in swim mode),cycle mode(gps),climbing mode(gps),running mode(gps),.Ball game

mode(no gps,heart rate/calories)/Real Time Heart Rate monitor/G Sensor/free app for iphone and android

phones,push messages and display on bracelet.


  • 0.96 inch TFT Color screen, self-luminous / low power consumption
  • CPU Nordic 52832, BT4.2
  • IP68 professional protection level, support swimming (do not support hot bath and water vapor)
  • 3.7V / 230mAh polymer lithium-ion battery, GPS time 6 – 7h, common use time 120h, standby time 480h.
  • App supports English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
  • Dynamic heart rate test: professional dynamic heart rate sensor, real – time understanding of the motion state, 7 x 24 hours to monitor, bracelet will vibrate to alert if the heart rate beyond the set value.
  • Independent GPS tracker: important nano-GPS chip, professional data testing can help you do sports scientifically
  • More features: a variety of sports modes (swimming, running, cycling, walking, climbing), dynamic heart rate sensor, GPS + GLONASS, trajectory, gravity sensor, pace / speed, data curve, Screen contrast adjustment, time synchronization, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, pedometer

Hardware Specification

GPS Ceramic antenna
Heart rate Dynamic heart rate
G sensor 3D Accelerometer/Gyroscope
Bluetooth Nordic 4.0
Display TFT,0.96”, 160*80 pixel;
Waterproof IP 68 Professional waterproof


230mah(Time mode 20 days / Comprehensive use 5 days / GPS 5.5 hours), the specific use of the situation

Support System

IOS8+ / Android4.3+


Homepage Time, date
Today's step number + step number weekly chart
Electrocardiogram (16 hours)
Notification list (last 3)

Sport mode

Swimming (heart rate, swing arm count, calories, laps)

Walk (heart rate, frequency, steps, calories, mileage, laps)
Ball (heart rate, calories)
Run(trajectory,heart rate, frequency, steps, calories,speed ,pace, mileage, laps)
Climb(trajectory,heart rate, frequency, steps, calories,high,pressure, mileage, laps)
Ride(trajectory,speed ,pace,heart rate, frequency, steps, calories, mileage, laps)

GPS information

Longitude and latitude coordinates, world time / date, altitude, speed of movement

Record Lap Set cycle length
Rcord mode Manual / automatic

Heart rate

ECG mode

Monitor 1 times every 10 minutes, 16 hour ECG

Sport mode Real-time monitoring
Heart rate alert Set the highest and lowest values
Sedentary reminder Sedentary reminder
Sleep monitoring Sleep monitoring
Alarm clock alarm clock

GPS BAND, For Sports

Configure the GPS chip, unfettered movement, KBPS chip record the motion track

IP68 water resistant
It is IP68 reted waterproof to sustain water up to 2 meters deep.
Do not press buttons under water. Do not dunk it in boiling water.
(However, it does not support the brewing hot water, hot bath, and water vapor.
Please avoid using and storing the device at the place of high temperature & high humidity.)

Outdoor Display Screen

Outdoor direct sunlight, the screen shows the content is still clearly visible.

Optical Heart Rate (Dynamic)

Heart-rate training benefits everyone, from the beginning exerciser trying to lose weight,
to individuals trying to improve their cardiovascular fitness,
to the highly conditioned athlete preparing for the next competition.

Running mode

GPS Compatible+Trajectory+Moving speed+Pace+Real time heart rate+Heart rate analysis+Steps

Cycling mode

GPS Compatible+Trajectory+Moving speed+Pace+Heart rate analysis+Mileage+Calorie+Laps+Exercise time

Swimming mode

Swing arm count+Real time heart rate+Heart rate analysis+Calorie+Laps+​Exercise time

Climbing mode
GPS Compatible+Trajectory+Altitude+Rising speed+Real time heart rate+Heart rate analysis+Frequency+Steps+Mileage+Calorie+Laps+Exercise time

Walking mode

Real time heart rate+Heart rate analysis+Calorie+Exercise time+Date collection+Analysis

Ball Games mode

Real time heart rate+Heart rate analysis+Calorie+Exercise time

IPS Colored Screen / IP68 professional protection level / Outdoor Display Screen / Independent GPS tracker

/ Independent GPS tracker / Independent GPS tracker / 0.96″ Touch screen / Smart reminder / All-day activity tracking

Smart Notification

Multilingual messaging push supported: English, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese,
Czech, Japanese, French, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
(Note: Thai, Hebrew, Arabic are not compatible.)


GPS time 6 – 7h / common use time 120h / standby time 480h. (Note : data from labratory test results, specific life time and setting and scenarios vary.)